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Evolution of offices in past 20 years!!!

What is office? Ridicules question, isn’t it? An office is a large area which is partitioned into rooms and it filled with chairs, tables. 20 years back when computers are not part of offices, then there were simple desks where employees doing their daily work. In those times people used papers and other stationery for office work. 

However today people are using computers, laptops, tabs, fax machines, printers, scanners and many more other things. Now people are working in small cabins or in partitions that you mostly see in today’s offices. Today office furniture is also changed. People are using modern corner desk and chairs, l shaped desks, and many more other type of furniture. Lighting is also improved in office. First in offices to increase productivity they pressurize their employees because the work is done by hands. 

With the development of IT sector the job type is also changed and now people use more there brain. To work efficiently you need a healthy atmosphere without any tension. Office atmosphere also changed in last 20 years. First, there were a boss and employee relationship but now companies knew that if they need productivity they need to treat their employees’ right. Many multinational companies focus on their employees' needs.

At Google employees can come office at their suitable time, Google also offers them food, gym and much other stuff.  

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